Perform at the next Uncommon. Event

Showcase your musical talents at our next event. We invite passionate and diverse Christian artists to apply for the opportunity to perform, contributing to the transformative atmosphere of our worship nights. Your unique musical expression could be the perfect addition to the rich diversity that defines UNCOMMON. events. We look forward to discovering and amplifying your talent in our community.

Living life differently.

Video submission requirements

Whether it’s filmed on stage or alone in your bedroom, we only accept videos of live performances that meet these requirements:

Videos should be of a live performance recorded in one take, so we can see how you would perform live.

Performances must have live audio, and be longer than 30 seconds.

How does it work?

We welcome diverse Christian music styles. From contemporary to traditional, all expressions of worship are considered to contribute to the unique atmosphere of UNCOMMON. Sessions.

While there isn’t a rigid set of criteria, we look for artists whose music aligns with the essence of UNCOMMON. Sessions—uplifting, diverse, and spiritually resonant.

Absolutely! We encourage both solo artists and bands to apply. The key is to bring a unique and compelling musical expression to our worship events.

Compensation details vary. Specifics will be communicated during the application process. 

The selection process involves a careful review of submitted applications, considering musical style, alignment with the event’s atmosphere, and the overall contribution to a diverse worship experience.

Yes, performing at UNCOMMON. offers exposure through our online platforms and may lead to additional opportunities within the UNCOMMON. community.

While we try to accommodate preferences, specific slots are assigned based on various factors. Flexibility is appreciated, and we strive to create a balanced schedule for all performers.

In most cases, bringing additional musicians or backup performers is possible. However, it’s recommended to communicate these details during the application process.

After submitting your application, we aim to provide timely updates. If you have specific enquiries, feel free to reach out to our team through the contact information provided during the application process.

Performance slots can vary but typically range from 20 to 30 minutes. Specific details about your performance duration will be communicated during the coordination process.

Original compositions are welcome! We value diversity and appreciate the inclusion of unique and original content as part of UNCOMMON.